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ARK Survival Evolved The Chaotic|Quiet|Fractured|Colossal Earth, VT

 * 2x XP, 3x taming rates & resources, BIGGER platforms & Dinos!
 * Neutral Town, Market, & Dino Services on each map.
 * Survive each DLC with your persistant character profile.
 * The best ARK Mods configured for an RPG-like experience.
 * Check the CDZ ARK Wiki for server details, help & tips!

The Chaotic Earth differentzebras.net The Chaotic Earth, VT
Traders Skitz/Hydro set up shop, hocking to Survivors near Asylum's teleporters. The Different Zebras flourish while hungry Bushfolk settle in the regions that suit them. High, out in the mountains, a strange trader stocks legendary gear in his peak-top shop.

The Quiet Earth differentzebras.net The Quiet Earth, VT
The first jump between ARKs was jarring, and the Different Zebras didn't jump alone: Bushfolk & mutants now stalk the desert. Surviving here means braving the weather as much as working together: Oasis is born, drawing treasures & threats alike.

The Fractured Earth differentzebras.net The Fractured Earth, VT
The new landscape of deep caves under the scarred surface harbors the Different Zebra's most exuberant settlement: Vista, built of confidence & celebration to one final jump home. Troubles from the past roam the depths, waiting to be challenged or claimed.

The Colossal Earth differentzebras.net The Colossal Earth, VT
The Tribe members remaining have claimed the cramped & marshy Remnant as their home, scattering the Great City Sanctuary with scout outposts. Horror settles as "home" is no longer recognizable and the corruption from The Island follows.

Battlefield 1942 differentzebras.net Battalion, VT

 * Road to Rome & Secret Weapons of WWII included.
 * All 64 player slots active.
 * Check the CDZ BF1942 Wiki for server info.

HALO Combat Evolved differentzebras.net Looper, VT

 * Use GameRoom to play co-op or host private matches.
 * Check the CDZ HALO Wiki for hosting info.

SWAT 4 differentzebras.net Run The Crooks, VT

 * SWAT 4: Stetchkov Syndicate included.
 * Check the CDZ SWAT 4 Wiki for server info & tips!

StarCraft differentzebras.net Different Pylons, VT

 * Use GameRoom to play classic StarCraft without Battle.net.
 * StarCraft: BroodWar included.
 * Check the CDZ StarCraft Wiki. for hosting info.

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