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Do more with less, do it with color, do it right by our environment.

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 * Photography
 * Mixed Media

Club Different Zebras: products from the Lab, made free to the public.

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THE DIFFERENT EARTH Dinosaurs, monsters, technology & mayhem: live & breathe the ARK, sub-MMO style.
The Chaotic|Quiet|Fractured|Colossal Earth, VT

 * 2x XP, 3x taming rates & resources, BIGGER platforms & Dinos!
 * Neutral Town, Market, & Dino Services on each map.
 * Survive each DLC with your persistant character profile.
 * The best ARK Mods configured for an RPG-like experience.
 * Check the CDZ ARK Wiki for server details, help & tips!

THE BITTER EARTH ARK Survival Evovled DLC maps with Hardcore mode enabled.
The Frigid|Forgotten Earth, VT

 * Hardcore Mode enabled, difficulty maxed.
 * No floating names, no extra crosshairs.
 * Experience vanilla ARK with preferred settings and greater threats!
 * Check the CDZ ARK Wiki for server details, help & tips!

ULTIMATE FALLOUT All of Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas in one game with updated visuals and mechanics.

 * Both full games and their DLC combined under one title.
 * Dramatically updated visuals for a fresh look.
 * Updated mechanics for better gameplay.
 * Check the Ultimate Fallout Wiki for full details!

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